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LiveJournal for [a mess of eyeliner & spraypaint].

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Time:9:27 am.

March 20th, for 7 Nights, to Cancun (Mexico), for 2 people, £650 each.

The hotel is 4Stars, and it's ALL INCLUSIVE, so after the 650 you needn't buy any food or drink for yourselves, and there are details of it's restaurants and bars HERE. So theres quite a lot of food and drink to choose from.

Mexico has Mayan Ruins (so you can be like lara croft), Lush beaches, and happy locals to serenade you.

Also, the week is during MTVs spring break where everyone gets wasted and cool bands play and the jackass guys are around and stuff. it'll be hilarious :)
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Monday, July 10th, 2006

Subject:sweet peaceful sobriety
Time:12:34 am.
for the first time in a week i am actually going to sleep instead of pass out in a drunken heap at 4am. i am looking forward to the experience. i think a couple of days without alcohol would be a very good idea.
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Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Time:4:19 am.
fuck me, the rave was UNBELIEVABLE. didn't rain so outsideness was not a problem, police came down about 3.30am but we'd stopped selling beer and nitrous oxide by that point so they just told us to turn it down a bit, and they didn't even seem to notice how absolutely mashed most of the people were!!!

and i only drank, and only a little bit! despite the abundance of alternatives



so good.

my housemate throws ace parties, im telling you. it's all good.

so good.

had to come home early so i can sleep and be awake for monsters of rock 2moro. but still. SO GOOD.
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Monday, May 29th, 2006

Time:8:26 pm.





axl rose will be mine.

mine i tell you.

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Friday, May 19th, 2006

Subject:why you shouldn't turn on E4
Time:12:32 am.
it's like if the vengaboys had children.

and then gave them all really bad hair extensions.
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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Time:5:31 pm.
DUDE! Guess who else is in the Celebrity Soccer Six tournament - PEOPLE FROM SHIPWRECKED!

so if anyone happens to be around the West Ham football grounds on sunday, go watch my boyfriend tackle the tiger boys :)

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Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Time:1:32 am.
From the Modern's message board:

" sorry I didn't originally put you on the banner Robert! You looked gorgeous tonight, and I made sure I added you (and underlined it!). Hurry back to another Preston gig and I promise I'll make an "I love Robert" banner, just for you."

... and thus the bloodshed begins.
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Monday, December 19th, 2005

Time:1:20 pm.
OH OH OH! saw season 5 trailer on tv last night - PALMERS IN IT! i love that man. i actually love him. & loadsa shots of audrey raines too?
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Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Time:4:46 pm.
THEY GOT TO #35!!!!!!! :D

I can't believe my boyfriends in the top 40 :)

with no promotion :)
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Saturday, February 26th, 2005

Time:3:30 pm.
An observation from various clubs in Reading - Guys: Air guitar is neither cool nor attractive. DO NOT EVER DO IT. please. really. please. cos, it's just embarassing really isn't it?
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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Time:11:49 am.
Mood: content.
The Modern review in NME this week:

"A blast of fresh air at a time when most pop is made by lobotomised Topshop assistants who think Visage is a brand of mascara, The Modern excel at stylish, angular synth-pop. Their spectacularly theatrical gigs - showcasing the band's excitingly diverse array of songs - piss on the chips of anyone still claiming electronic music can't have a personality. 'Suburban Culture' is a great starting point - it's sexy and synthetic with a sound reminiscent of The Human League and Duran Duran, meshed with a deliciously contemporary frame of reference."

hmm. i think its strange for them to review a single that they havent properly released, but, eh. theres a cute little picture of them so im proud :)
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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

Time:6:49 pm.

HEAVEN. (Charing X)


do it.

would include picture, but all the ones on the website have their damn old guitarist in. hmph.

Free entry before 9 & cheap drinks!
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004

Time:7:29 pm.
Friends only.

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Sunday, November 7th, 2004

Time:9:52 pm.
Mood:in debt.
Christ, I'm currently spending *at least* £100 a week. This is NOT GOOD considering most other people only go through that much every month. Spending every weekend in london isn't entirely helping. Think I'm gonna stop drinking so much (altho getting drunk with Burnham on Saturday was hella fun), because theres really no need to, and i gotta actually do some work this week anyway. I get free entry to all the clubs i'm going to this month because of Robert, which is pretty shibby, so really all i need is train fares to London. Yikes. I need to get a job, but there aren't any left on campus and i don't spent enough time in Reading to justify getting one in town. Snarf.

God bless my overdraft.
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Subject:Game on!
Time:3:25 pm.
Does anybody know how i could get photos from my camera phone onto my computer? or printed out in some form? i got some great ones when we went out last night and i really wanna print them out.

Halloween was fabulous, Friday night dressed up as a pirate for a rock club thing at our union, got thoroughly drunk and danced with giant chicken men all night (before putting them into our fridge at about 3am, which was, uhm, interesting). Saturday saw Rachel Stamp, who were once again mindblowing, met matt from busted hehe, & afterwards headed to Chi&Emmas Halloween party, watched Bob, Emma and such kick some kareoke arse, and ate REAL FOOD. like, nicely cooked and everything, which was a very overwhelming experience, and made returning to hall food on Monday extremely heartbreaking. But I can't wait till i get my photos developed :)

Dude - I just mixed Duran Duran's Planet Earth into Human League's Sound of the Crowd beautifully :D I rock. Not entirely sure how I did it though. But a promising start nonetheless :)

Hmm, I think tonight needs to be spent mooching around and generally avoiding all alcohol i think, i only got to bed at 4am last night & then cleverly turned up to my 10am lecture and 9am. dammit i could of had another hour in bed :(

Robert bought me the Little Britain DVD for no apparent reason, and god damn is it good. [GET BACK YOU GAY BASTARDS!!!!] <3

yes, hmm. not much to say really. except that my new name is Domination, haha. I sound like a Gladiator. hehe. Godbless the Purple Turtle and it's cocktails.
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Saturday, October 30th, 2004

Subject:it's in my RACOON WOUNDS
Time:9:40 am.
urgh. i think im still drunk from last night.

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Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Time:1:19 pm.
The Modern (band Roberts in) are playing the next Stay Beautiful (November 19th).

They're on at 10.30

Turn up or i'll kick your arse.
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Thursday, October 21st, 2004

Time:4:32 pm.
Hmm, they're made a film version of 5 children and It.

This upsets me, cos it was a brilliant book & they're replacing this creature of nostalgic beauty:

with some garfield movie style shite animation of it.

damn you. damn you all.

ps. don't you just wanna hug it?!!!
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Monday, October 18th, 2004

Time:2:13 pm.
Mood: pleased.

so with this newfound talent and a poster of Blue on my wall, i can't fail to the the coolest kid at uni right? :D hehe.
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Thursday, October 14th, 2004

Time:5:56 am.
does anybody know whether it's possibly to transfer between universities from first to second year? because i appreciate that all universities run individual courses, but i wasn't under the impression that the courses are directly linked in between the years?

ie. would i be able to finish my first year in reading and then continue 2nd year in london? or would i have to restart at the beginning?

at which point, if i had to totally restart then being in reading this year is futile, but as we dont have to pay fees until november, would i still have to pay for the whole year as iv begun the course or couild i just pay for the halls for the previous month in which iv been in them? i also dont want to spend the rest of this year working because i then lose my freedom of being able to go anywhere when i want, because if the modern do tour with human league and i was tied down by a job and therefore couldn't go with robert, that would suck rather large cock.

there were reasons why i chose not to go to uni in london such as the expensive and the general amount of ugly grey buildings, but i'm currently spending at least £80 a month on travel to london and spending at least 3days of each week there. i only come back to reading cos of lectures so surely it would make more sense to just have them in london too? every event/place i want to be is in london and i do really enjoy reading uni and i love cathy and andrew and dave, and its cool seeing micheal jamie and nathan, but it just seems more logical for me to be in london.

However sitting in my room here with the sun coming thru my window and knowing its green pretty and lakelike outside reminds me why i wudnt want to be in london. but i live in the country and have an apartment in cayman, so im at no loss for attractive scenery. (albeit the cayman islands are totally devastated currently, theyve STILL not got electricity and water is only available for 2hours a day).

so i really need to find out if i can transfer between years. can anybody help? i should email my tutor but im not entirely sure what his email is, or where the piece of paper which states it is.
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LiveJournal for [a mess of eyeliner & spraypaint].

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